I'm a professional juggler.
This means that I spend my time investigating, performing and teaching this art form, exploring new and interesting ways of moving and using the props.

I am (definitely) Italian and I started to juggle at the age of twelve. It’s my biggest passion, a sort of life living inside me.

After completing studies in law, I decided to enhance my technical circus skills, specializing in juggling, training at Jonglieren Katakomben, in Berlin, Germany, attending the Circus School Carampa, in Madrid, Spain (2009-2011) and at the Centre Regional des Arts de Cirque, in Lille, France. In Madrid I had the opportunity to meet Hernán Gené, who introduced me to the world of clowning, a never-ending blood pact between the audience and my conscience.

I perform now with the circus company Cirq’ulation Locale, in four shows touring Europe and the USA, and also with my two solo acts.

Juggling is my way to be who I am.

If you are interested in my studies and my carreer, please download my curriculum vitae!