There is always someone behind each knowledge. This is the reason why I like (and feel responsible in) teaching, as much as I like performing and training. It's still art.

My workshops are aimed at different types of circumstances, and the program is tailored to age and technical level of the participants.

- Juggling workshops for professionals: juggling technique, siteswaps, juggling and movements, the five objects cascade on stage, juggling and performing.

- Workshops for companies and managers: "The secrets of Circus", a circus workshop developed in the full atmosphere of a classic circus tent, where employees and managers of a company work together to build up a show.

- Workshops for children and adolescents and initiation to circus techniques: acrobatics, juggling, stilts walking, equilibrium, magic, aerials, handstand and clowns. The course aims to develop the expressive capacity of the participants, as well as coordination and body awareness.